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t the long-time established arcade…
  Eight On The Breakin Dunellen, NJ 08812

NOTICE:  The  Jersey Pinball Association 10 week League will restart 1n the Spring of 2017.
You may consider playing by signing up until then for the next season on Wed night – 7:30pm      Join us!
Contact Koi Morris to ask questions about next season:

The line-up as of March 19, 2017:

Game of Thrones – Premium Edition
Upgraded features – Full size flippers on a raised mini-playfield … dazzling light show!

Fish Tales … a classic all shopped out with LED upgraded lighting and tuning.

Upgraded features include a beefed up subwoofer, and UV lit side panel art.

Sopranos – in like-new condition.

Freshly shopped  with LEDs: Indianapolis 500  … start your engines!

Monster Bash
Addams Family
Star Wars:EP1    (Pinball 2000)
Attack from Mars  …



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