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t the long-time established arcade…
  Eight On The Breakin Dunellen, NJ 08812

NOTICE:  The  Jersey Pinball Association 10 week League will restart 1n the Spring of 2018.
You may consider playing by signing up until then for the next season on Wed night – 7:30pm      Join us!
Contact Koi Morris to ask questions about next season:

The line-up as of January 19, 2018:

Guardians of the Galaxy – Premium Edition
Beautiful looking game with FULL COLOR score display showing clips from the movie during the modes.
Several classic track songs used in the movie will entertain you. However, it is a fast game, so keep on your toes.

Stern Star Trek – Premium Edition …
Full of adventure from the new movies. Dazzling light show and upgrade subwoofer helps you feel the power.

Metallica – Upgraded features include a beefed up subwoofer, and UV lit side panel art.

Aerosmith – Another music adventure with 8 of their most well-known songs integrated in the gameplay.

Stern Star Wars
Based on the first 3 classic movies, its a frenzy of fast play with the familiar music and sounds.

Dialed In
Based on an original theme, a Pat Lawlor design from Jersey Jack.  It’s packed with interesting features and has a solid set of gameplay rules. Dig in!

Monster Bash …
Addams Family
Star Wars:EP1    (Pinball 2000)
Attack from Mars  …

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