Games for Sale

Welcome to the Games for Sale Section.

Game pricing is for pickup – Local delivery available around zipcode 08812 in Central NJ – Setup/Instruction fees may apply.
Shipping is doable through a 3rd party trucking agency. Typical cost ranges between $250-$500.

PINBALL games come with at least a 30 day warranty on the electronics for games that we setup and install.  Inside stairs are always a consideration for moving.
IMPORTANT: Most games need 30″ width for moving through doors and stairway turns must be considered before moving.

Review your area for where games are to be installed:
– They need a space area of 3 feet wide and minimally 5.5 feet deep for a player to stand at the game.
– The height of the back box typically needs 6.5 feet clearance, sometimes 7 feet for some special decorations.
– Also, make sure a convenient 3-prong electrical outlet is within 6 feet of the back of the game.
– The floor surface is a consideration – carpeting or wood or concrete.  Please ask me.

Please ask about parts warranty for Video games.
For used equipment, this can vary based on original condition of each game we obtain.

Project games offered AS IS.

Please contact me for up-to-date game info by
sending email to or call 732-208-7288.

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