About Us

Playing pinball from an early age, when EM games were big.

Remember when new…

Pacman, MsPacman, Firepower, Meteor, Galaxy, Ali, Big Game, Flight 2000 – traveled 30 miles one way to play each week.   I lived one mile from one of the best pinball locations in NJ:  Eight On The Break where the games were regularly maintained well.

Unfortunately, I developed an addiction playing pinball, as I could not pass an arcade without stopping to see what is new or if I could put up my initials. Therefore, I stopped playing in the early 1990s.  I started playing more reasonably a few years later.  I am feeling fine now .  : )


In my home?!? …

One day, the opportunity to own a game fell in my lap.  It was a 1972 Flying Carpet.  I did not even realize the legs came off.  However, it was a single player game and with children, we needed a multiplayer game.

Hence, my first SS game was 1989 Whirlwind, still one of my favorites.  This one had a problem where the spinning disks sounded like a drill.  They were spinning full speed all the time.  A resistor was missing.  So my playing skill got better much quicker playing with this difficult “feature”.  Still, playing the game was the best stress reliever after a busy day.

Next, we bought a StarTrek TNG from my local arcade operator and I watched in fascination, as the seller did a quick shop job right in my home.  I was hooked to start cleaning games, which made them play so much better.  Learning to rebuild flippers really helped, as well.


Making it serious …

So, this hobby progressed and after the first 7 years, it was evident that I could make a few dollars buying, fixing, cleaning, selling, so it became a small business in November 2006 – WannaPinball.com was born.